I've worked at a boarding high school for the last 6 years and even the students that are on full financial aid, and supposedly don't have two nickles to rub together, have nicer and newer smart phones than I do. Jimmy, I worked my tail off during the summer and brought in $10,000-$12,000. Then I worked part time to cover the rest of my tuition and living expenses and I played a sport in college and was in a theater production (those took more time than the sport) every semester. If you have the drive to do something, you will make the time to do it. I graduated debt free from work and scholarships, still had a healthy extra curricular life and graduated magna cum laude. The one thing I didn't do a lot of was party. I know I'm crazy (probably in the minority) for thinking this, but I went to college to work not to party. I can't play beer pong well, but I did learn how to work hard and I'd say that is paying off better in my career.